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Members of the APGUK have joined the campaign efforts to save Mounib, a young Algerian boy suffering from a congenital malformation of the spinal cord known as Spina Bifida.

The APGUK is campaigning to contribute to the collection of funds that will allow Mounib and his mother to travel to the United States where he will have an operation to remove the malformation. The funds will cover for the family’s visa expenses, travel and stay. This is a global effort involving various organisation, including the Algerian American Association of Greater Washington who are cooredinating efforts in the US, and individuals from the Algerian community around the world.

The next APGUK event will be dedicated to this effort.

The operation was successful and Mounib can walk again!

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  1. […] took place at the Institute of Astronomy of Cambridge University. The meeting will be dedicated to APGUK4Mounib; project. Members of the APGUK have already managed to raise a total of £1300 for this cause, and […]

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