Algerian Postgraduates in the UK

Event | APGUK@London

The 5th Meeting of the APGUK took place on the 9th of April 2011 at King’s College University, Waterloo campus. The meeting was set up for the specific aim of discussing the future of the APGUK; to explore ideas for future directions of the network, and to set up initial plans of actions, with concrete steps to implement them.

Event’s program:

– Start 13:00
– Overview of the APGUK
– Ideas showcase session (two presentations)
– Break
– Open group discussion
– Finish 17:00

A detailed summary of the meeting and its outcome can be found here (members only access).

More details on the event page.

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  1. […] the APGUK@London meeting, members of the APGUK have launched a project to develop, collect and compile a set of guidance […]

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Welcome to the APGUK

The APGUK is a network of UK-based Algerian postgraduates. Read more here.

If you are an Algerian and you have been, currently are, or plan to study for a postgraduate degree in the UK then please Join the APGUK community or email us for any queries.

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