Algerian Postgraduates in the UK

Project | Sustainable Business in Algeria

Following the APGUK@London meeting, members of the APGUK have launched a project to develop, collect and compile a set of guidance material for developing a sustainable business in Algeria. The aim is to create a usable resource to inspire and guide young entrepreneurs based in Algeria.

The project will include the following steps: 1) Collection phase, where information about launching and running a business in Algeria is gathered, 2) Compiling phase, where the gathered information is put together in a usable format, 3) Publication phase, where appropriate channels for disseminating the compiled information are indentified and the material is published and distributed accordingly.

If you would like more information or wish to volunteer to help with this project please email us.

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Welcome to the APGUK

The APGUK is a network of UK-based Algerian postgraduates. Read more here.

If you are an Algerian and you have been, currently are, or plan to study for a postgraduate degree in the UK then please Join the APGUK community or email us for any queries.

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